One Silver Needle(2012)

All percussion by the wonderful Billy Hawn.

Produced and Mixed by Mikal Blue at Revolver Recordings in Westlake Village, CA December 28th 2011- January 11th 2012 Executive Producer: Gar Ragland

Album art design by Perry Brown and Stephen Poff.


1. Shouldn’t be that hard

I been looking, but can’t find a one
A looking glass without a spider web crack
You been looking to find me undone
It shouldn’t be that hard

That’s what I told you when the walls came crashin’
That’s what I said when the words got lost
That’s what I told you
It shouldn’t be that hard

I’m all to pieces and can’t seem to fit
Seeing no sense in going back at all
It’s a hard confession to give
“Oh, this shouldn’t be that hard”

You’ve been making that chord
like there’s no other way
I’ve been running the scales
back and forth in the wrong key
Don’t it always turn out
harder than you think?

Drums: Jim Keltner, Bass: Leland Sklar, Electric: Michael Ward, Organ: Jeff Babko, Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood

2. We Had to Try

We had a mind to run
And we ran till sunset was no fire
The stars became our blaze
Their light our one desire
We swore we’d never go back
But we we’re kids just learning to lie
We couldn’t leave that town

We had to try just to shake it off
all that dust, cross the sacred lines
We had to try to just find it out, this old world
hidden from our eyes
We had to try

We had a mind to run
and we ran against the grain under the gun
Holding the bar so high
We’d never
Our Mommas wept and worried
Our Daddys just shook there heads
We swore we were gonna leave that town

Oh, the day I remember
cut the sky a blood-let blue
The thought was just as clear
Us boys we all knew
But we gave it one last run
finally crossed that county line
Walking back we felt like soldiers
coming home from the fight
Back to our hometown
We couldn’t leave that town

Drums: Jim Keltner, Bass: Leland Sklar, Electric: Michael Ward, Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood

3. Bring my heart out

Lo, the many shadows
that hang outside my door
Calling through the keyhole
Creeping across the floor
The whisper bears a burden
that I cannot ignore
Long time to wage a war

I’m gonna bring my heart out
I gotta bring my heart out to breathe
I’m gonna bring my heart out
I gotta bring my heart out to breathe

Time is quickly passing
leaving us alone
Never stopping
Never a sound
I shook the hand of heartache
said “I’m taking another road
that you can’t follow down.”

Long I have trembled
Long I have scorned
the thought
the mention of your name
If you’re gonna find me
Love, you best be warned
You gonna have to fight these fears away

Drums & Percussion: Billy Hawn, Bass & Keys: Mikal Blue, Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood

4. One Silver Needle

There I was
There I am
a lonely beggar
on the edge of town
Wearing my clothes
like the water
wears the rock

You got all that golden thread
and one silver needle
Think you might mend all my tears?
You got all that golden thread
and one silver needle
Take and mend all my tears

I walk
I run
down these streets, cold
looking for love
Wearing my heart
on my sleeve
like an anchor
the weight is just too much

I ain’t done
tearing apart
but you knew that
from the start

Percussion: Billy Hawn, Bass: Sean McCarthy, Piano: Mikal Blue, Organ: Jeff Babko, Electric: Greg Suran, Violin: Asha Sukumar, Acoustic & vocals: Arthur Alligood

5. Darkness to Light

I’m waiting for the morning
Waiting in the night
When that sun comes over the mountain
She gonna turn this darkness to light

Now its been a long throw
since we first took to this soil
We found an itch to scratch real quick
and called it war
All this fighting it ain’t nothing, but
a symptom of our sickness
and we still ain’t found a cure

vs. 2
We keep walking down that same path
that worn out, crooked way
Stepping over all of history’s little tracks
Falling it don’t come first
pride will push you to the edge
and once you start falling
can you ever go back?

vs. 3
How do we answer our children
when they wonder what went wrong?
Do we scratch our heads and tell them
no one know really knows why?
Do we go back to a garden, a perfect little world
to two lovers who couldn’t keep it right?

Acoustic & vocals: Arthur Alligood, Bass: Mikal Blue, Drums: Billy Hawn, Electric: Greg Suran

6. Go On back

Walk she would
through the pines
cross the road
down that red dirt drive
Dangling stars
in the night
just like the sun
born on fire
Knocking on the door
of that double wide

You got no need honey
for me baby
I got one need honey
and it ain’t you
Go on back
Go on back

Her Momma was a queen
Her Daddy a peasant
down begging at her feet
She was the youngest in line
with wandering eyes
two brothers in college and a sister
who’d died
She went knocking on the door
of that double wide

Bent and bleeding
on a try
house as empty
as her sister’s smile
Clouds hung like sheets
on the line
Nobody to talk her out
Nobody to put up a fight
She went knocking on the door of that double wide
Knocking on the door of that double wide
A fire only need one spark to fly

Drums: Jim Keltner, Bass: Leland Sklar, Michael Ward: Drums, Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood

7. Why’d you let me go cold?

You caught me in that spot
I was just rolling into a boil
when you turned the heat down
I can’t muster a simmer now
Why’d you go honey?
Why’d you honey let me go cold?

Saw you from my corner hide
I was just coming into my own
when you stepped into the light
I swore then heaven must be right
Why’d you go honey?
Why’d you honey let me go cold?
Please tell me why

I could’ve burned for you baby
Been that star in the night, that light to save ya

Now I’m here with just the facts
You took all the mystery when you left
There’s something I can’t live without
That sweet shadow of a doubt
Why’d you go honey?
Why’d you honey let me go cold?

Drums: Jim Keltner, Bass: Leland Sklar, Electric: Michael Ward, Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood

8. Coming for the Heart of Me

Hold my heart
Run these scars
with your helpless hands
then bury it in the cold, dark ground

When I rise
When I wake
from this bitter grief
I’ll be coming for the heart of me

All the lies
the broken smiles
we lined up in a row
At every sign
we closed our eyes
We didn’t wanna know
That some things aren’t worth having
Some things are best left alone
ch2. Some things aren’t worth keeping
Some things you gotta to let go
ch3. Some things aren’t worth saving
Some things you gotta let go

Here’s my role
Here’s my part
every worthless line
Close the curtains, turn off the lights

Lost it all
Lost myself
chasing my own right,
Oh, the ache she refused to die

Wandering in ruins of the might have been
Staring at the dark clouds
You know the truth
like I know my guilt
Honey, we were never gonna come around

Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood, Rhodes and Vibes: Jeff Babko

9. Ochlockonee

Left my heart in a wishing well
Left Ochklocknee bound
Ain’t no prayer
Ain’t no will
Turn this boy around
Got me there an old Jon boat
rusty as a nail
Gonna find her
and put out for a spell

Left that girl sound a sleepin’
Left Ochlockonee bound
Ain’t no note
Ain’t no reason
ever gonna be found
Oh, by now she’s probably waking
wondering where I am
She don’t know, but I’m
Ochlockonee bound

Ochlockonee take me off my feet
O my soul in disbelief
Take me where you lead

Daddy had that old, brown picture
of an old riverboat
He said it was just the kind
his Daddy’s Daddy rode
I could make my way to the Mississippi
put out from Cairo town
But I hear a call Lord, I’m Ochklockonee bound

Take me down far as able
Take me Ochlockonee down
I’m a trick
I’m a traitor
with a heap of guilt to drown
Momma said “All God’s children
are jewels in heaven’s crown.”
I just don’t know… Momma I’m
gonna find out

Acoustic and Vocals: Arthur Alligood, Electric: Greg Suran, Drums: Billy Hawn, Cello: Victor Lawrence

10. Right Time Rain

Cold call, fingers crossed
holding for a moment lost, it’s gone
Silence settles in
Question marks set the trap
Every period with a crooked catch, oh no
Now all you do is wonder when?

You’re piling up your days
Counting every loss
Looking for a right time rain
Nothing’s what it was
Leaving has its cost
Looking for a right time rain
Still looking for a right time rain

Paper trust before the flame
Love don’t seem to spare the pain for anyone
She walked edge, but did she fall?
There’s only so long they say before you’ll
Oh, just close the door and walk
Would you go back if you heard her call?

Nothing’s gonna take you back

Acoustic & Vocals: Arthur Alligood, Mikal Blue: piano

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